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Twin Peaks Tavern, the bar that changed the face of the gay community in the 70’s by opening its windows, and the men who dared to be seen.
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The Past was the end of an was the end of the mystery and the beginning of openness...
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 Photo Credit Daniel Nicoletta 

Twin Peaks Tavern circa 1970 

The Present
The Present

Twin Peaks Tavern circa 2018


"Through The Windows" is a documentary about Twin Peaks Tavern, the bar that changed the face of the gay community in the 70's by opening its windows, and the men who dared to be seen.  By weaving together the stories of this historic bar, the first known gay bar in the United States to open its windows to the outside, and those of some of the bartenders and patrons who have been going there for almost 40 years, we create an impactful film with stories that are disappearing with the generation that experienced them.  Through the interviews, we get glimpses into the gay community from a time that is almost forgotten - when there was no language to describe what it meant to be gay, when gay bars were only down back alleys, and when being gay was still not only taboo, but also illegal. 


Throughout the interview process, we were inspired by these stories, but what we also came to realize, is the impact that Twin Peaks has had not only on the community within the bar, but on the culture of gay bars in the Castro and the community as a whole.  The bar has come to be a cornerstone within the community - a place that changed the face of gay bars in the 70's, a refuge during the Aids crisis in the 90's, and throughout it all, a gathering place: our very own "Cheers for Queers."

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  •  Virtual Screening of Through The Windows
    Screening in honor of LGBTQ+ History Month
    Virtual Screening
    Screening in honor of LGBTQ+ History Month
    Virtual Screening
    In honor of LGBTQ+ History month you can purchase tickets to our film for a limited time for $5!

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Photography by Richard Gunzer

                Bret Parker                          Petey Barma

Petey Barma (Director)


A self-described story teller and co-founder of Artfarm Productions, Petey Barma is a director committed to bringing fresh stories from her perspective as a queer female to the screen.  As an award winning teacher, she spent the last 30 years teaching literacy and understands the craft of story telling inside and out.  Her current focus is to open the lens on the marginalized communities who have not typically appeared on screen.  “Through The Windows” is her directorial debut.  


Bret Parker (Director/Producer)


Bret Parker, co-founder of Artfarm Productions, is a veteran in the film industry with 23 years under her belt at Pixar Animation Studios.  Outside the studio, she created and directed work for the ground breaking dance troupe Iluminate,  wrote and directed a short animated film about climate change in partnership with the Marine Mammal Center and California College of the Arts.  She is currently shifting her focus to documentary film making, and hopes to bring her unique perspective as a queer woman to the screen.  “Through The Windows” is her directorial debut for a documentary film.  


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