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Extended Virtual Screening of Through The Windows
Screening ongoing until the bar opens!
Virtual Screening
Screening ongoing until the bar opens!
Virtual Screening
In support of Twin Peaks Tavern, we are keeping our benefit screening running until they are up and open again! Help Support and spread the word!!

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Photography by Richard Gunzer

                Bret Parker                          Petey Barma

Petey Barma (Director)


A self-described story teller and co-founder of Artfarm Productions, Petey Barma is a director committed to bringing fresh stories from her perspective as a queer female to the screen.  As an award winning teacher, she spent the last 30 years teaching literacy and understands the craft of story telling inside and out.  Her current focus is to open the lens on the marginalized communities who have not typically appeared on screen.  “Through The Windows” is her directorial debut.  


Bret Parker (Director/Producer)


Bret Parker, co-founder of Artfarm Productions, is a veteran in the film industry with 23 years under her belt at Pixar Animation Studios.  Outside the studio, she created and directed work for the ground breaking dance troupe Iluminate,  wrote and directed a short animated film about climate change in partnership with the Marine Mammal Center and California College of the Arts.  She is currently shifting her focus to documentary film making, and hopes to bring her unique perspective as a queer woman to the screen.  “Through The Windows” is her directorial debut for a documentary film.  




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